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Journals shelved alphabetically by title Crank, Richard L 26 Aug 2011 15:23 UTC

For those libraries working with MARC holdings records who shelve their titles at a particular shelving location alphabetically instead of by call no., you might want to use 852 1st indicator of "5" and add a ‡l (that's a lower case L) containing the shelving title.  In our opac, it looks like this:

Location: 		Regents Center Library (Edwards Campus)
Shelved by Title: 	Educational Administration Quarterly
Holdings: 		v. 43, no. 1 - v. 43, no. 4 (2007:Feb. - 2007:Nov.)

If you feel the need for the call no. to display (ours is suppressed by that 1st indicator), I suppose an 852 ‡z or other opac-appearing note could accomplish the same goal, though it might not appear quite as noticeably, depending on how/where your opac displays the subfield.

This could help with Bloomberg Businessweek and other titles when the shelving title is different from the bib record 245 title.

In the past, KU Libraries had several large "current periodical" shelving areas that were shelved by title.  We've changed all but one to call no. order.

Rich Crank
Serial Records Team, Acquisitions/Serials Dept.
University of Kansas Libraries
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