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Commercial digest (2 messages) Bob Persing 14 Dec 2012 19:36 UTC

Commercial Digest, a once a week digest of messages containing
informational content from commercial bodies (i.e., publishers, vendors,
agents, etc.)

This week's digest contains 2 messages:
1) Digital Science Press and SLACK Join Portico's E-Journal Service
2) Serials Solutions Summon Service Expands Discovery of Content from
Five German Publishers

Message #1:

Subject: Digital Science Press and SLACK Join Portico's E-Journal Service
From: Marita LaMonica <>
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2012 10:11:24 -0500

Two New Publishers Join Portico's E-Journal Service
Portico is pleased to announce the following publishers are now
preserving their e-journals with Portico:

* Digital Science Press
"Portico is making it possible for Digital Science Press to confidently
deliver long-term, reliable access of the UIJ [UroToday International
Journal] content, for future researchers and clinical urologists,"
commented Gina B. Carithers, publisher, Digital Science Press. "Portico
provides Digital Science Press with a practical and cost-effective
solution for the UIJ."

"SLACK Incorporated is pleased to enter into this agreement with Portico
to provide this essential service to our institutional partners," said
John Bond, senior vice president, SLACK.

The Portico archive is certified as a "trustworthy digital repository"
by the Center for Research Libraries; more than 14,000 e-journals,
nearly 170,000 e-books, and 55 d-collections have been entrusted to it.
For a complete list of Portico-related facts and figures, please visit
Portico Archive Facts & Figures.

Message #2:

Subject: Serials Solutions Summon Service Expands Discovery of Content
from Five German Publishers
From: "Ahron, Brianna" <>
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2012 12:31:06 -0500

News Alert

Serials Solutions Summon Service Expands Discovery of Content from Five
German Publishers

Serials Solutions®, a ProQuest® business, is working with several
eminent German publishers to index their scholarly content in the
Summon® discovery service. This German-language content is among the
most widely subscribed to by academic institutions in Germany, as well
as many libraries worldwide, and includes resources covering law, life
sciences and the humanities. Content to be indexed from five leading
publishers includes:

Makrolog Content Management AG will make the contents of its Recht für
Deutschland database available for indexing in the Summon service. The
largest collection of German law gazettes, it includes a historical
collection, federal collection and a complete German regional/state
collection. Recht für Deutschland also contains the entire body of
European Law.

Lexxion Verlagsgesellschaft mbH will allow full-text indexing of their
12 legal journals, which offer extensive coverage of topics within
environmental law among other legal specialties.

Schweizerbart Science Publishers and Borntraeger Science Publishers, two
affiliated publishing houses, will provide metadata from their
collections of German-language life-science journals. Combined, this
rich collection comprises several dozen titles.

Georg Olms Verlag AG will include the content from their Olms Online
resource in the Summon service. Olms Online includes more than 400
volumes spanning German literature, literary studies, philosophical
works and other subjects in the humanities. These works are reprints
augmented with new scholarly content such as introductions, afterwords,
notes and indexes. Moving forward, all new single publications from the
publisher’s 2013 catalog will be included as well.

Vandenhoeck & Rupprecht will allow indexing of their 30 German-language
journals and all e-books. With a focus on theology and religion,
psychology, history and other humanities, they publish approximately 250
new titles annually.

Working with these publishers, Serials Solutions continues its
commitment to make the work of German scholars more discoverable, for
the benefit of institutions in Germany and researchers using the Summon
service around the world. The Summon service offers search and relevancy
that is optimized for German-language content which delivers more
precision for native language researchers than traditional databases and
other discovery services.

Used by more than 500 libraries in more than 40 countries, the Summon
service is the first and only discovery service based on a unified index
of content. Proven to increase usage of library resources, the Summon
service consistently meets user expectations by delivering innovative
new features for enhancing discovery.

About Serials Solutions

Serials Solutions helps libraries work better by providing innovative,
practical Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for discovery and
management, driven by a comprehensive knowledgebase and unparalleled
client support services.

Serials Solutions, a ProQuest® business, is headquartered in Seattle,

Media Contact: Christine Goetz, Public Relations Manager,

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