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Commercial digest (2 messages) Bob Persing 10 Jan 2014 21:15 UTC

Commercial Digest, a once a week digest of messages containing
informational content from commercial bodies (i.e., publishers, vendors,
agents, etc.)

This week's digest contains 2 messages:

1) Presentations on Federal Research Funding, Open Access, and
Discoverability at ALA Midwinter
2) IOP Publishing and SCOAP3

Message #1:

Subject: Presentations on Federal Research Funding, Open Access, and
Discoverability at ALA Midwinter
From: "Gamboa, Camille" <>
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2014 15:56:12 +0000

*Apologies for Cross postings*

Please find below information on three presentations taking place at ALA
Midwinter at the SAGE Booth #1357. All are welcome; RSVP’s encouraged.

Camille Gamboa

Federal Research Funding: Where We Are and What You Can Do to Help
Saturday, January 25 at 11am - Light brunch provided

With troubling economic times come repercussions for federally-funded
research in organizations such as the National Science Foundation and
the National Institutes of Health. For example, in March of 2013, an
amendment was passed that restricted NSF grants for political science
research, leading to the complete cancellation of all political science
grants by the NSF for the fall 2013 cycle. Come listen to Tom
Kecskemethy, Executive Director of the American Academy of Political and
Social Science and Mark Vieth, Government Relations Consultant, to learn
about this and other attacks on federal research funding, what we are
doing about it, and how the library community can get involved.

Open Access on your Campus: Implementing Article Processing Charges
Saturday, January 25 at 3pm

What are Article Processing Charges (APCs), why are they important to
the open access debate, and how can librarians get involved in their
implementation? Come listen to Andrew Waller, Open Access Librarian at
the Centre for Scholarly Communication at the University of Calgary.
Questions are highly encouraged.

Collaborative Improvements in the Discoverability of Scholarly Content
Sunday, January 26 at 11am - Light brunch provided

Discoverability of academic works demands cooperative efforts across the
scholarly communications supply chain. The second edition in the SAGE
whitepaper series on discoverability addresses recent accomplishments
and new opportunities for reinventing conventions and relationships
among libraries, publishers, and service providers that improve the
discovery of scholarly works. Be among the first to hear a presentation
of the findings from the lead author, Dr. Mary Somerville, University
Librarian/Director and Professor, University of Colorado Denver, Auraria

Are you a fan of SAGE? Show us at

Message #2:

Subject: IOP Publishing and SCOAP3
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2014 16:28:21 -0500

*Please excuse cross postings**

As previously announced, IOP Publishing has confirmed the participation
of three of our partner journals in SCOAP3 for three years, beginning in
2014. The journals included are:

· Chinese Physics C (CPC), published in partnership with the Chinese
Physical Society, the Institute of High Energy Physics (Chinese Academy
of Sciences) and the Institute of Modern Physics (Chinese Academy of
· Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (JCAP), jointly owned
and published in partnership with SISSA Medialab
· New Journal of Physics (NJP), jointly owned by the Institute of
Physics and the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft

Under the terms of the SCOAP3 agreement, authors of qualifying
high-energy physics articles in these journals will be able to publish
on an open access basis without paying any fee. The article publishing
charges will be paid by the SCOAP3 consortium using funds redirected
from library subscription budgets. For CPC and JCAP, we have worked with
the SCOAP3 team at CERN, the SCOAP3 country representatives, librarians
and agents to reconcile the reductions in subscription and license
prices for our customers. NJP is already a fully gold open access
publication and all of its content is free to read.

The next step in the process for us will be to contact all of our
affected customers in order to arrange for a refund or a credit based on
the agreed reconciliations. We will be notifying customers in the
Americas either directly or via sub agents, depending on how
subscriptions are normally taken. We expect to be in touch shortly, so
please watch your inbox for a message from IOP Publishing or from your
sub agent in due course in order to sort out the details.

We are pleased to be participating in the SCOAP3 initiative and will
continue to work closely with SCOAP3 and our customers to make this
vision a reality.


- - -
Sharice P. Collins
Vice President, Marketing
IOP Publishing, Inc.
150 South Independence Mall West
Philadelphia, PA 19106

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