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Re: Harvard Business Review Ken Siegert 11 Sep 2014 19:36 UTC

I've been aware of the 2015 change since May, when our EBSCO subscription agent sent the notice to me. She recently told me that EBSCO had offered to handle renewals for existing subscriptions, but HBR said no.

I called HBR today to verify what the print subscription cost will be for 2015. They said that a renewed subscription would cost $109 for 2015.

Of course the first thing they wanted to know was how many subscriptions we would want for our full-time employees. I had to remind them that we are a Library and only wanted a single subscription.

I rather doubt it (with all of the use restrictions), but is anyone going to cancel their print in favor of Business Source Complete (if your Library has that database)?

When I was on the phone with HBR this afternoon, I asked about a site license, and was told (several times) that HBR doesn't offer that option. She said that with every print subscription, you will get a password protected online account.

I believe that you are correct, Susanne - EBSCO has exclusive rights to the content. But it really isn't helpful when you look at all of the restrictions involved. The content on EBSCO is designed more for the individual user, outside of an academic setting. Professors cannot link to articles, cannot assign articles, etc.

I found this helpful:

And this was linked from the above website:


Ken (I subscribe to the digest version of SERIALST, so I might not respond right away)


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