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Re: Harvard Business Review Ken Siegert 18 Sep 2014 12:59 UTC

I'd verify that these non-EBSCO subscription agents can actually renew your HBR subscriptions.

This is the original email that our agent sent to us on May 22nd. The key is the last sentence of paragraph 1 and all of paragraph 2:

A number of years ago, Harvard Business Review developed an online version that is bundled with the print subscription.  Intended for individual subscribers, access to the online version is administered through the use of the individual’s email address and other subscription specific information.  In an effort to better support individual subscriber online access, Harvard Business Review has determined that they need to interact with the subscriber directly on renewals.

As a subscription agency, the vast majority of the orders for Harvard Business Review handled by EBSCO and other agents are renewals.  While we were offered the option of continuing to process new orders, we do not believe that it is in the best interest of our customers to offer a subscription option that we cannot support on a continuing basis.

Subsequently, all orders for the Harvard Business Review that include the print or the print plus online versions must now be transacted with the publisher directly.  Harvard Business Review offers a website for orders, and automatic renewal.

While many of our institutional and corporate customers access Harvard Business Review content online through the EBSCOhost platform, we realize that each library supports patrons who look forward to reading the print issue.  We regret the impact that this change may have on your users or your internal processes.

Ken Siegert
Acquisitions Assistant
Electronic Resources & Periodicals / U.S. Documents
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Franklin & Marshall College
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