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Re: Cataloging CD-ROMs gaele gillespie 06 Dec 1990 02:31 UTC

>From start to finish,we treat our CD-ROMs as serials. Unlike our other serials,
however, for the moment we do not catalog them on OCLC, because we prefer the
serials format in lieu of the computer file format. Instead, we input brief rec
ords in our local on-line system, using and adapting the information provided
in the computer file format to the serial format. (We have locally-developed
on-line systems for public catalog, cataloging, & serials control.) Because CDs
are so expensive, they are checked in at the issue-record level (so we can as-
certain how they are truly issued, their cumulation/frequency patterns, actual
receipt dates, and also in order to claim on late or on-order discs), as well
as summary holdings statements which display on the serials system & public
catalog and include exact location within the KU Libraries system. Once invoice
s arrive, the charges are attached to the title/holdings records. Info. about
license agreements, returns & replacement policies is also keyed into the body
of the holdings record. In this way, there is access to all the important
information (bibliographic,holdings, check-in, claims, payments, etc.) for this
new, expensive, volatile technology.

     E. Gaele Gillespie/Serials Librarian for Technical Services
     210 Watson Library/University of Kansas Libraries
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