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presentations to non-serialists Joyce G. McDonough 06 Dec 1990 14:54 UTC

   At the University of Louisville, Tyler Goldberg, the Head of Serials
Cataloging and I, Head of Acquisitions, have been doing two-three hour
workshops on serials for almost three years.

   We started offering the serials workshops after we had implemented check-in
on NOTIS. Although we started with a syllabus which we felt covered the
basics, we found that it was important for the session participants to have
some experience using NOTIS in the staff mode, i.e., participants should know
how to log on and search in staff mode before the workshop.

   At this point, each workshop is customized for the participants. Before the
workshop, we ask what the participants wish to discuss, learn to interpret,
etc. We encourage them to send us examples of records which prompted the

   I also do the same thing for fund and other acquisitions records.

   Please contact one of us directly if you would like more information.
Tyler's bitnet address is stgold01@ULKYVM. Her phone number is 502-588-6756.
My address & phone number are listed below.

-- Joyce G. McDonough
      University of Louisville
      jgmcdo01 @ ULKYVM
      fax: 502-588-8753