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Re: Training for non-serials staff Peter Scott/Order Unit Manager/U of Saskatchewan Library/6016 08 Dec 1990 01:26 UTC

Jean Farrington writes:

JF>With the closing of our kardex last July and much more processing being
JF>done on NOTIS, we begain offering a series of training sessions for
JF>all public services staff in the library system.  The first two in
JF>the series dealt with public mode and then searching in staff mode.

That's very commendable...and I hope they make good use of it.

JF>The challenge was to design a session that was basic enough and
JF>yet relevant without getting bogged down in serials details (easy
JF>to want to do if you're a serials librarian).

Learning how a system works is one thing, but I think that public
service staff SHOULD, at some time, get bogged down in serials details.
I wonder how many public service staff have ANY idea what is involved in
ordering/ receiving/claiming/paying/cataloging serials. The general
impression that I get from them is that serials work, and,indeed, all
acquisitions work , is mindless, boring, useless, and performed by staff
with no brains. It's all part of the technical/public service dilemma.

Anyone like to contribute?

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