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Training for non-serials staff CLARKM@NYUACF.BITNET 10 Dec 1990 14:59 UTC

In March 1988, when we were approximately half-converted from our manual
Kardex to GEAC serials check-in, we decided to allow access to the serials
checkin records from terminals at 5 service desks. Five training sessions
were scheduled and ALL staff were invited. [As an aside, water was discovered
in the floor of the systems room 5 minutes before the first session and
the system was taken down! The other sessions went more smoothly]

I demonstrated basic searching and display commands and provided a "quick
guide" that could be kept at the desks right near the terminals. Examples
of receipts, claims and notes used by the staff were given in the one hour

We saw almost immediately, a dramatic decrease in the number of calls to
serials records. Many of the reference staff, were pleased to be able to
answer patron questions by logging into serials themselves. We agreed that
the system would be brought up on weekends also so that service staff could
have access to the info even when we're not here.

Of course, some public service staff have never gotten into using the system,
and we still get call from them or from patrons they refer to us. However, on
the whole, it was a success.

Marsha Clark, New York  University