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RECON discussion group 1/13/91,Chicago Birdie MacLennan 17 Dec 1990 15:33 UTC

I am forwarding the following letter from Marjorie H. Li, Co-chair,
ALCTS RECON Discussion Group.  RE:  MARC Serial Holdings and RECON.

----------------------------Original message----------------------------
As the ALCTS chair for the RECON discussion group, we are calling for
speakers who have actual working experience with MARC  serial holdings
in the RECON area.  This is for the summer meeting at Atlanta, GA in
June 1991.

The discussion group will meet on Jan. 13 from 2:00-4:00 P.M. in
Chicago for a planning meeting.  Can you kindly suggest names for
us to consider and/or pass this news to those on the serialst?

I would be very interested in getting in touch with those on serialst
who have the similar interest on MARC holding.  I thank you.

Marjorie H. Li
ALCTS co-chair
RECON Discussion Group
FAX: 201-84d6-0468
BIT: "MLI@zodiac"
Rutgers University Libraries
New Brunswick, N.J.