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Re: Serial Analytics and Bound Withs Joyce Gartrell 09 Jan 1991 16:09 UTC

I responded to you a couple of days ago on how Columbia handles item
records, etc. for serial analytics and bound withs.  Well, we have just
reversed our decision on analytics bound together.  We will attach the
item record to the serial in this instance, even though we ordinarily
attach the item record to the analytic on a fully analyzed serial.  If
a serial is partially analyzed, we attach the item record to the
serial, and we will be treating analytics bound together in the same
way, i.e. item record attached to the serial.  Not very confusing - but
it is a tough situation, and we've decided that this is the easiest way
to handle it for both Serials Cataloging and Public Services.

Joyce Gartrell
Head, Serials Cataloging
Columbia University Libraries
(212) 854-2714