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We are assuming that NOTIS is going ahead with release of a version of mfhl
within the next few months and will at some time (probably not the announced dat
   e) no longer support non-MFHL holdings records.  For that reason, I am
attempting to decide how to presen t the options to local library staff in
the most easily comprehended manner.

I would like to hear from any one (NOTIS or not) who has used MFHL for
automated records, or is planning to, regarding their experiences.  I am
particularly interested in who (job title/function) was involved in
decision making, whether a general presentation was made to staff before
or after the decisions were made (and what this consisted of), what options
were chosen and whether these were modified in application or would be made
differently now based on experience, and what changes in screen display on OPAC
occured and how this was accepted by reference staff.  I am very concerned about
   reconciling the needs of technical services with publis service needs, and al
with avoiding a second data translation later (i.e. if I choose 899 and it is
not supported in future).  How have these issues been addressed elsewhere?  And
does anyone else worry that we are killing our staff trying to put data into
transmission format when we have no intention of transmitting it in the
conceivable future?

I would also like to hear from anyone who attends any relevant meetings at ALA
Midwinter, which I will not be attending, especially as to any changes proposed
   to or announced by NOTIS as to how this will be implemented.  Thomas Sanders,
Head, Serials, Auburn University