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Lotus Invasion of Privacy John R. Likins 14 Jan 1991 13:49 UTC

In March Lotus Development Corp. is bringing out a set of 11 CD-ROMs for the
Macintosh called the "Household Marketplace" database. Price will be $695
for the first disc & $100 for each additional disc. Discs will be arranged by
geographic areas of the U.S.

>>These discs will contain personal information on 80,000,000 American house-
holds (120,000,000 individuals) including an estimate of each person's income<<

If you DON'T want to be on these discs I suggest you call this number pronto--


Ask Lotus to send you cards to remove the names of each person in your family.

For general kvetching you should write

                        Lotus Development Corp.
                        Attn.: Market Name Referral Service
                        55 Cambridge Parkway
                        Cambridge, Mass. 02142
or call
        (617) 577-8500

See Wall Street Journal Nov. 13, 1990, page B1 for more details
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