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Collection Development Institute Douglas Duchin 15 Jan 1991 16:36 UTC

The Library Association of the City University of New York announces the
LACUNY Institute, a 1-day conference for Friday, April 12, 1991,
entitled: "Collection Development: Survival Tactics in an Age of Less."

The Institute will present a forward look at how we will be able to
cope in the coming age of electronic publishing and electronic document
delivery.  Because the climate is changing, and the resources we have
will hardly support traditional print collections, the Institute will
address alternate and, perhaps, unconventional means of accessing
information.  Speakers in the morning, and a panel discussion in the
afternoon, will address the problems of access vs. acquisition,
collaborative collection development, and other possible survivial
tactics.  The Institute will be held in New York City on Friday,
April 12, 1991, and further details will be forthcoming.