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NASIG Conference Registration Material JONES@UTHSCSA.BITNET 01 Apr 1991 16:27 UTC

        We have been very concerned that so few of you have received
the conference registration materials which were sent on March 14.
We are aware of a problem with some of the mailing labels and have
corrected those labels.  Because of the low response we have
received, and because of the comments and requests we have had
from many of you who are also concerned, we have reprinted the
registration material and re-mailed it to the entire membership.  The
material was delivered to the main Post Office here in San Antonio
on March 29 and 30 with first class postage, so you should receive it
by April 3.  (Please keep in mind that if you use your institutional
address there may be additional time required before you receive it
personally.)  If you do not receive the material by the end of the day
April 5 please CALL my assistant Pat Brown (512-567-2400), give
her your preferred mailing address, and she will mail you the
registration packet.
        I will be out of town the week of April 8-12 but you can
contact Kathy Soupiset if you have other questions.
                                Danny Jones, Co-chair of Local Arrangements