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Mid-volume change Eric Celeste 01 Apr 1991 19:43 UTC

In the middle of Vol. 140 (1989) of its journals derived from the "Annales
de l'Institut Pasteur," Elsevier dropped the title page out of these
publications. This change moved the place of publication from Amsterdam
(which was only mentioned on the t.p.) to Paris (which is mentioned
throughout the piece). For example, "Research in Immunology" (OCLC#19340081)
now needs a note recognizing this change. Since the change occurred in mid
volume (no. 3, to be precise), what form should the note take?

  A:  500    Vol. 140, no. 3-   published: Paris : Elsevier, 1989-
  B:  500    Published: Paris : Elsevier, 1989-
  C:  something else altogether

Thanks for your thoughts!