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part 2 Pamela Bluh 17 Apr 1991 16:32 UTC

From: Pamela
Sorry, I had to stop in min-sentence and show some visitors about serials
checkin! Back to the issue at hand: I think I was describing printing from the
summary holdings screen and that we recommend using an equal sign before and
at thend of each message. Another issue we were minimally interested in was in
having consistency between the menu choices and the labels on the screens. As
I get more familiar with the process, this has seemed less important, but I
put myself in the shoes of someone new coming in (which we were just last
week) and perhaps getting some degree of consistency wouldn't be half bad.
Rather than repeat the whole thing here, if this topic is of interest to you,
ask John about my ideas. I think that's it for the stuff for the 19th. Would
be very interested in hearing what takes place, what decisions are made, what
other topics are discussed. Thanks a lot. Pamela