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(no subject) MHemmings@UNCAMULT.BITNET (17 Apr 1991 18:14 UTC)

(no subject) MHemmings@UNCAMULT.BITNET 17 Apr 1991 18:14 UTC

See:  Notes for serial cataloguing by Nancy G.  Thomas and Rosanna
O'Neill (1986).  It's fairly comprehensive as far as examples are

 As far as your problem of wording the 500 note, "Each volume also has a
distinctive title" vs.  "Each volume has also a distinctive title" - I
presume you're cataloguing a serial!  - How about:  "Each vol.  has a
distinctive title" ?

 Mary Hemmings
 Tech. Serv. Librarian
 Univ.  of Calgary Law Library UNCAMULT)