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Also has/Has also Suzanne Sweeney 17 Apr 1991 22:42 UTC

I agree that the "has also" phrase sounds awkward, but
that's what I've seen most often on current and past LC (and
CONSER) serial records.  With notes we seem to look towards
examples for assistance as AACR2 doesn't always provide
enough variety for serial notes.  "Notes for Serials
Catalogers" has many very good/helpful examples taken from
current cataloging (LC and others), but there is not a lot
of consistency on this "issue."  Some statements have "verb
also,"  some have "also verb."  AACR (1967) rule 167L gives
the example:  "Each vol. has also a distinctive title: ..."
(p.240/paperback)  The very same example in AACR2, rev.
(12.7B4) is "Each volume has a distinctive title: ..." (p.
292).  In the book "Serials cataloging handbook : an
illustrative guide to the use of AACR2 and LC rule
interpretations" (by Carol L.H. Leong) the "verb also" form
is given.  This is like the difference between up-to-date
and up to date.

Suzanne Sweeney/Jackson Library/Graduate School of Business/Stanford Univ.