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Re: has also Kevin M. Randall (18 Apr 1991 00:06 UTC)

Re: has also Kevin M. Randall 18 Apr 1991 00:06 UTC

Regarding "has also" vs. "also has":  I USED to think that there was a real
difference here, albeit one so subtle that most people wouldn't notice it.
(Maybe I still think so; that's the problem with the subtlety...)  The
construction "Each vol. has also a distinctive title" does, however, seem to
emphasize the fact that each volume bears, in addition to the series title, a
distinctive title.  Either construction, however, would be preferable to
"Each vol. has a distinctive title"; that one might make someone look twice
and wonder, "But does each one have the series title?"

Maybe this is just one of those cataloger brain-twisters we seem to thrive on.
Have any PS librarians out there noticed any confusion on the part of catalog

Kevin M. Randall
Head, Serials Cataloging Section
Northwestern University Library