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re: has also/also has Lucy Barron 18 Apr 1991 15:26 UTC

Cheers for the discussion on linguistic subtlety between "also has" and "has
also".  I heartily agree that "has also", especially since it is rather a
strange construction, adds just a wee bit more stress to the "also" meaning
in addition to the series title.

Jeers to AACR2 rev. for leaving "also" out.

As a new CONSER serials cataloger, I used ALSO (*|) to grumble about this one
and still believe that Ben Tucker and all those people at LC speak LCnglish
(pronounced "el-see-glish) rather than English like the rest of us.  However,
I feel that so long as the "also" is in there somewhere, it suffices.

How about:
Also, each title has a distinctive title.
Each title has a distinctive title, also.  (I like this one)

Lucy A. Barron
Washington University
Home of the St. Louis Blues