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serial documents Alexis Salisz 18 Apr 1991 16:36 UTC

I have recently been assigned the task of figuring out how to process
government documents online. We are a NOTIS library in a consortium
setting, a member of DALNET. Our documents records are tape loaded. My
first task is to figure out how to handle the non-periodical serials.
Has anyone done this already? Do you create vhld's and opr's? Or do you
check-in on vhld's only? Do you create and maintain LDR's on OCLC? Do you
do separate bib records for a title that has changed sudocs numbers, or
do additional copy statements with some kind of a linking note on the vhld?
Does anyone handle these docs as part of the serials operations? Any reply
would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Alexis Salisz, Oakland University, Rochester, MI 48309
(313)370-2484     asalisz at waynest1.bitnet