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RIA Anne E. McKee 19 Apr 1991 00:54 UTC

 I too would like to warn about RIA's lack of customer service. We have had
 quite a bit of difficulty in obtaining complete mailings or replacements when
 some of the pages "mysteriously" walk off. I have just spent 1 1/2 very
 frustrating weeks trying to get someone, anyone to answer their phone so I can
 report our latest "missing pages". I'll get the computerized operator alright
 and then have waited up to 20 minutes on "hold" while they could connect me
 with a customer service representative. I finally faxed them the request. I
 have yet to speak to a real, live human being.

 Being new in this position, I asked one of my employees about RIA and she
 vented a year's frustration about them-so this isn't a one-shot occurance. Has
 any other institution experienced this also?

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