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Re: RIA Bob Jackiewicz 19 Apr 1991 14:09 UTC

In article <SERIALST%91041819541645@UVMVM.BITNET>, "Anne E. McKee"
> I too would like to warn about RIA's lack of customer service. We have had
> quite a bit of difficulty in obtaining complete mailings or replacements when
> some of the pages "mysteriously" walk off. I have just spent 1 1/2 very
> frustrating weeks trying to get someone, anyone to answer their phone so I
> report our latest "missing pages". I'll get the computerized operator alright
> and then have waited up to 20 minutes on "hold" while they could connect me
> with a customer service representative.

1 1/2 weeks? That's it? You've obviously never had to deal with
Computer Associates. We had ordered the CA-DISSPLA and TELEGRAF manuals
back in May. The order apparently sat on a shelf for 8 months. After 6
weekes of calls, they finally were gracious enough to send us the manuals.
HOWEVER, they were nice enough to keep half of the TELEGRAF set. But wait,
it gets better. During the summer, in August, I think, the price of the
manuals went up. CA had the nerve to ask us to pay the extra charge because
THEY screwed up the order. And finally, upon using the manuals, I noticed that
part of R, all of S, and part of T indexes were missing. We've called them
but there's been no response yet. UGH!!!

BTW, what is this list for?  :-)

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