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RIA problems SMURDEN@VCUVAX.BITNET 22 Apr 1991 13:29 UTC

We have experienced some difficulty receiving RIA publications, but part of it
seems to be due to the establishment of orders over a period of a number of
years, with often conflicting addresses.  (I actually found that one
subscription was going to the campus radio station, and only getting forwarded
to the library sporadically.)  Contrary to other experiences already expressed,
however, the local sales rep has been very cooperative.  She has interceded with
   the main office to get missing issues for us and actually came to the library
went to the reference stacks with me, and went over the various publications
to see where we were having problems.  Granted, she did try to sell me some
additional titles while she was here, but fortunately (for me) all of those
decisions are made by our collection management librarian for business.  My
major problem with RIA publications is the seeming inconsistency with their
numbering schemes.  My check-in staff have trouble differentiating some of
their similar-sounding titles.  From a service perspective, though, they have
been better than the other loose-leaf vendors.

Steve Murden
Va. Commonwealth University