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(Previous discussion continued)
(no subject) Susan Davis (26 Apr 1991 12:30 UTC)

(no subject) Susan Davis 26 Apr 1991 12:30 UTC

I received a message from some postmasters that my earlier reply did not
reach everyone on SERIALST, so I will try to recap my comments again.
For those of you who did see this already, my apologies.

I suggested that some (most) of the publishers who practice bundling of
serial title are not U.S. based companies and, therefore, not subject to
U.S. anti-trust regulations. They are not doing anything illegal, then,
and there would be no legal recourse to stop the practice.

THen, I asked what sorts of reactions people had (or heard of) in regards
to the Pergamon Elsevier deal.  It is disturbing to see the pool of
options decrease.

Susan Davis/Head, Periodicals/State University at Buffalo