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Clerical Job Titles KAREN_N@TULIPS.LIB.TUFTS.EDU 03 Apr 1991 01:28 UTC

I want to thank everyone who responded to my request about job titles,
especially Caitlin Robinson.  Your remarks about "ox herders" and "backlog
queens" really brighten our Monday, especially since backlogs are no longer
supposed to exist.  You just wiggle your nose and snap your fingers and
they disappear overnight compliments of "copy" from a national database.
If you find the bibliography you mentioned, I would like to have a copy of

I think everyone generally liked the use of the term Library Assistant plus
a numbered level to describe a variety of clerical activities.  How we can
or will convince Human Resources of its validity is another matter entirely.
Since "clerk typist" is still used University-wide, everyone with that job
title would have to be re-evaluated (which probably wouldn't be a bad idea).

If anyone still wants to contribute ideas to this discussion, I'm still
willing to hear them!

Karen Nadeski
Serials Cataloger
208 Wessell Library
Tufts University
Medford, MA  02155