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New List Announcement: LIBRES Diane Kovacs 03 Apr 1991 23:32 UTC


"Library and Information Science Research Electronic Conference"

LIBRES is an electronic conference designed to foster library and
information science research and support the development of our
knowledge base.

This forum will serve as a professional networking and information
source.  We will share ideas, solutions and experiences.

LIBRES will include discussions of research in progress, reviews of research,
queries and responses from participants, and conference announcements.
LIBRES will be distributed weekly as editorial staffing allows.  All
editors are volunteers on the LIBRES Project.

Subscription is open to anyone interested.  All participants will be asked
to submit a biography form before being added to the list.  Completed
biographies will be available on the LIBRES fileserver and via anonymous
ftp from for review by LIBRES participants in order to
facilitate identifying others with similar research interests.

You may subscribe to LIBRES by sending a subscribe command by interactive
message or by e-mail.  To subscribe by interactive message, send the command:

"SUB LIBRES YourFirstname YourLastname"

to LISTSERV@KENTVM.  For example:

IBM VM CMS users would enter

        tell listserv at kentvm "sub LIBRES YourFirstname YourLastname"

VAX VMS users would enter

        send listserv@kentvm "sub LIBRES YourFirstname YourLastname

You may also subscribe by sending an e-mail message to LISTSERV@KENTVM or
if your account is on the internet send to LISTSERV@KENTVM.KENT.EDU,
with the following command as the text of the message.

SUB LIBRES YourFirstname YourLastname

You must leave the subject line *empty* and please don't include any extra text
as a machine will read this not a human (at first)

EDITORS@KENTVM or EDITORS@KENTVM.KENT.EDU  is the address to which to
send submissions and questions about the LIBRES Conference

The Co-Editors are
Diane Kovacs                dkovacs@kentvm
Tom Froehlich               tfroehli@kentvm
Julie McDaniel              jmcdanie@kentvm
Amey Park                   apark@kentvm
Barbara Schloman            bschloma@kentvm
Ellen Detlefsen             ellen@pittvms
Rosemary Dumont             rdumont@kentvm