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Sunday Express (Trinidad & Tobago) KAREN_N@TULIPS.LIB.TUFTS.EDU 04 Apr 1991 00:48 UTC

To:  George Janczyn, UC-San Diego

I generally agree with the advice Lucy Barron gave you.  However, instead of
       245 00 Trinidad Express
       250    Sunday Express

I would put Sunday Express in the 245 and cite the name of the daily in the
515 note that she mentioned and then also make an access point for it.  I don't
see any reason why this should be subordinate to the daily.  Of course, the
one thing you didn't mention is whether or not you replace the paper issues
with microfilm, whether the microfilm contains both titles or not, and whether
you use one record or two in your local system to represent the paper and micro
copies of a title!

Karen Nadeski
Tufts University