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Re: SERIAL definition kate mccain (03 Apr 1991 20:58 UTC)

Re: SERIAL definition kate mccain 03 Apr 1991 20:58 UTC

Let's not get too testy on the open airwaves.  Re: definitions of serials.
I replyed privately with 2 "operational/functional" definitions, since I
was pretty sure that the AACR2 definition would be 1) either available
to the requestor or 2) supplied by other readers.  I think the problem is
a real one -- since what we TREAT as serials may reasonably include more
that a careful cataloger would DEFINE as serials.  Functionally, one
point of view is that "if you have to handle/acquire/process it more than once
in its lifetime, then it is managed more easily as a serial "sensu lato"
(for all you erudite taxonomists).

I was surprised that none of the other replies went beyond the AACR2 definition
-- do you only include these items as management objects in technical services?

Kate McCain