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Public vs. private replies Helen M Shuster 04 Apr 1991 20:09 UTC

I replied to the question on serials definition directly to the
requester because it seemed as though it was not of general interest
to the readers in general.

Maybe we could establish guidelines so that members of the list
with a specific question (similar to the serials definition one)
would ask readers to reply to them directly in these cases.
Then, I think the requester has the responsibility of
summarizing the replies for the list within a reasonable period of
time - this would cut down on traffic, require the requester to
contribute information in return for the effort that is evident in
people responding to pleas for help or assistance, and possibly be
a valuable resource.    I do feel that if people ask for help they
should be willing to give something in return.   Readers would have
the time to read one summary message, not get so exasperated with
repetition, and we would have somewhat more manageable sized mail files.

Maybe the guidelines could be broadcast on a regular basis?