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Re: Serials pricing Birdie MacLennan (05 Apr 1991 22:07 UTC)

Re: Serials pricing Birdie MacLennan 05 Apr 1991 22:07 UTC

Oops!  Excuse the faux pas, but I inadvertently flushed an important
header on the message I sent out earlier today  RE:  Serials Pricing
postings.  It said the following:

I don't want to come off as a moderator, but on the other hand, feel
sensitive about duplication of work efforts in the world of e-mail
serialisms and would like to remind SERIALST subscribers that there
exists another avenue of e-mail that deals exclusively with serials
pricing issues.  As earlier notices on and/or about SERIALST stated:

>SERIALST (Serials in Libraries -- a user discussion group) was established in
>of Vermont, in order to serve as an informal electronic forum for most
>aspects of serials processing in libraries.  Topics may include such things
>as: cataloging, acquisitions, collection management, binding, preservation,
>microfilm, union list activities, announcements, news, & job postings that
>may be of interest to the serials community.  In order to avoid duplicate
>news and information, the SERIALST discussion group should not deal with
>serials pricing issues as this topic is already covered in: Newsletter
>on Serials Pricing Issues (to subscribe, issue the command: tell
>listserv at uncvx1 subscribe Price-L <First name Last name>.  Or, if the
>subscribe command doesn't work, send a message to: Tuttle at uncvx1.BITNET).
>SERIALST is not moderated.  Mail that is sent to SERIALST is automatically
>distributed by the listserv to all subscribers.  No one reviews, edits, or
>verifies the accuracy of the messages.  Authors of the messages are solely
>responsible for their content.
>Birdie MacLennan
>SERIALST Listowner / Serials Cataloger
>Bailey/Howe Library
>University of Vermont