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Re: SERIAL definition Daniel Lester (07 Apr 1991 07:28 UTC)

Re: SERIAL definition Daniel Lester 07 Apr 1991 07:28 UTC

On Wed, 3 Apr 91 08:25:00 CST <TSANDERS@AUDUCVAX> said:
>I hate to be the crabby one, but these repetitive definitions of serial are
   Oh, Come On, love it....and so do I
>getting to me.  Should someone who a) does not know what a serial is and b)
>has no means of checking library literature to find out be teaching a class
>anything about them?
And I have to agree with the above comment...and if the library in question
has some particular local/non-standard definition, hopefully the serials
folks involved know what it is  (I know, I said "hopefully")   8-)

>Thomas Sanders, Serials, Auburn University, AL (tsanders@auducvax9
>"Is it only WEDNESDAY?"
No, now it is Sunday at 1234 am or so...after all, I have to stay up to change
my clocks in another 86 minutes....wouldn't want to do it early or late.

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