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Re: 510 FIELD DISPLAYING ON OPAC Fetch Deborah A 08 Apr 1991 21:18 UTC

510's do not display in our opac to the general public.  Although, they are
available to staff in the "expert" mode.  I do not consider 510's to be of
much interest to most users.  They can be of value to reference librarians
and for collection development.  I think you might want to weigh the potential
use with downside.  Including 510's in a local opac will make for lengthy
serial records.  They may also appear clutter depending on the system.  How
many screens will the user need to page through to get at other needed info?
The other thought that comes to mind, is the accuracy of the information.
Unless you are prepared to update local records for changes in abstract/index
coverage, the 510's could be inaccurate.  Are the 510's on records on your
tapes which were cataloged in 1980 still reflective of the journals indexing/
abstracting coverage?

Deborah Fetch
Chief of Database Management and Catalog Operations
University of Southwestern Louisiana Library