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RE: 510 FIELD DISPLAYING ON OPAC kingsley@GW.WMICH.EDU 09 Apr 1991 15:58 UTC

As a serials & acquisitions librarian at a NOTIS site, I can think of
no greater disservice we have done to our public than to display 510's
in the OPAC! With the current version of NOTIS (4.6), after the user
struggles through an index screen of perhaps many similar serials
titles, then finally gets to the right bibliographic record, he may
have to page through 1 or even 2 extra screens before he gets to
what he wants (call number and holdings), because of longs lists of
510's.  If your system has only one type of record displayed to the
public (a long record displaying most of the fields from the MARC
record), it would certainly be good to do judicious stripping of
useless 510's when cataloging or doing retrocon.  Other respondents
cited the lack of usefulness when this info. is outdated.  And who
really needs to know that a serials is indexed in an index not
owned by the library (of course this is helpful occasionally, but
probably not often.) While my ten years as a reference librarian
preceded the online catalog, in retrospect I can say that 'tis a
pretty sorry reference librarian who would have to look at an
OPAC record to learn that TIME magazine is indexed in both Abridged
Readers' Guide and regular Readers' Guide! I think more often than
not the 510's are confusing to the average patron.  If a system
has alternative displays (like the short version and long version
coming up in NOTIS 5.0), then do leave the 510 display out of the
short version. IT's just not that important.
    Marcie Kingsley
    Acquisitions/Serials Department
    Western Michigan University