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re: 510's in OPAC Lucy Barron 09 Apr 1991 23:06 UTC

I would leave those 510's in as it may be a moot point in the future if NOTIS
ever gets the short screen/long screen display options going.

When I worked at Harvard, they developed long and short display screens for
their HOLLIS catalog (a "Harvard-ized" version of NOTIS).  On the theory that
the majority of searches are intended to discover either the call number or
subject headings.  Patrons wishing more information, like 510 info or linking
info, etc., could access the long display.

I thought you said your OPAC was NOTIS's Luis.  If I misunderstood, I apologize
but you might see if this would apply to your catalog.  I have "heard through
the grapevine" that future versions of NOTIS will include a version of the
short/long display screens similar to those at Harvard.  If this is the case,
and we're all still alive when it comes to fruition; I would say that it is
better to leave those 510's alone.  Once they're gone, they're gone.

Another alternative you could try is currently implemented here at Washington
University in St. Louis.  We use NOTIS.  We have chosen to suppress the 510
displays in LUIS for now; however, they are still in the NOTIS records.  Our
Systems staff devised a program to suppress these.  I expect we will allow them
to display on long screens, once we have short/long options.

Lucy Barron
Washington University