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(Previous discussion continued)
re: 510's in OPAC Birdie MacLennan (10 Apr 1991 13:42 UTC)

re: 510's in OPAC Birdie MacLennan 10 Apr 1991 13:42 UTC

In response to Lucy Barron's note about short screen/long screen
display options in NOTIS and HOLLIS:

For those of you with access to the Internet, you can dial into HOLLIS
and see the short screen/long screen display options on serials records.
It's true; lots of 510's make for a mighty long display --  and lots of
holdings can make for *really* long displays.

We went back and forth about the issue of 510's here at the University
of Vermont.  When NOTIS 4.6 came up, it came up with 510's.  After some
controversy and debate, the 510's were programmed out of the display by
our systems person.  I believe, with NOTIS 5.0, we will be able to have
more local control of the display options ...  So this might come up again.
I'm unclear whether or not 5.0 will offer short screen/long screen
display options.  Perhaps someone out there (at a Beta test site?) knows?

Birdie MacLennan, University of Vermont