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ANSI Holdings Caitlin Robinson 5-9049 10 Apr 1991 23:53 UTC

This is a real nitty gritty question related to application of the draft
ANSI Format for Non-Serial Holdings...a warning to those faint of heart.

We are using this draft standard in our online holdings records for
continuations (as opposed to serials)  Examples include looseleaf
services, treatises with supplementation, etc.

We recently received a volume containing two "non-contiguous" code
titles, e.g., Title 10 and Title 13.  We know that two bibl. units
bound in a single physical unit is recorded Title 10/13 and that a run
of titles (or volumes) each in a single physical unit are recorded Title
10-13 (compressed)  BUT WHAT DO WE DO WITH THIS?   The standard does not
provide direct guidance, unless I am missing it.  We have elected to
record the volume in this manner but would welcome any better

             Title 1-9 Title 10 13 Title 14-22

Thanks, and don't ask why we are applying this draft standard, its a
long story.

Caitlin Robinson, Head Technical Services and Automated Systems, University of
Iowa Law Library.