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Re: Haworth consolidated invoice Susan Davis (11 Apr 1991 12:33 UTC)

Re: Haworth consolidated invoice Susan Davis 11 Apr 1991 12:33 UTC

We have received Haworth invoices for individual titles we have with
agents, I have not yet seen a "consolidated" invoice from them.  We
check very thoroughly to see that we pay the proper party, but a slip
up can occur. Haworth does have a history of being "behind schedule"
with some of their publications, then they catch up by publishing
double,triple, etc. issues.  We should probably take both vendor and
publisher's statements with a grain of salt.  One could even ask others
on this list what the last isssue of x title received is.

I do worry about the comment of vendors paying publishers late. We heard
comments about this practice 2 years ago at Charleston. I know that a few
of our newspaper subscriptions with vendors lapsed for a month in Jan and
Feb. which could be the result of a late check.  What experiences have
others had?

Susan Davis/Head, Periodicals
University at Buffalo