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Electronic journals and NASIG GMCMILLA@VTVM1.BITNET 08 Jul 1991 18:31 UTC

 *** Forwarding note from GMCMILLA--VTVM1    07/05/91 12:51 ***

 Following my presentation at the recent NASIG meeting, several people
 requested that I post the following information on SERIALST. These are the
 titles of electronic journals we are using to test our procedures for
 processing e-journals within University Libraries at Virginia Tech and for
 testing public access capabilities. If you have questions, please don't
 hesitate to contact me.

 The Telnet address for Virginia Tech is:
 At the first opportunity, enter: Call VTLS

 TITLE:                                   ISSN          OCLC no.
 Electronic Journal of Communication                    23849985
 Journal of the International Academy
      of Hospitality Research             1052-6099     22332842
 Postmodern Culture                       1053-1920     22471982
 Public-Access Computer Systems Review    1048-6542     20987125

 To get directly to the MARC bibliographic record, enter 4/[OCLC no.]
 To see a MARC holdings record from the bib record, enter hm.  To see a MARC
 bib record from a holdings record, enter ma.

 For more information about what cataloging and coding electronic journals,
 or about other aspects of processing e-journals, contact:

 Gail McMillan                 
 Serials/Maintenance Team Leader
 University Libraries                    703/231-9252
 P.O. Box 90001
 Blacksburg, VA  24062-9001