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criminal justice union list DMGJJ@CUNYVM.BITNET 08 Jul 1991 17:28 UTC

The World Criminal Justice Lubrary Conference has just been established to faci
litate the collection, use, and exchange of criminal justice information, and t
he sharing and pooling of information resources.

One of its first tasks is to begin working on a union list of periodicals. At t
his point there probably 15 to 20 libraries, from all over the world. There are
 two or three libraries with OCLC periodical lists, but since the lists will be
 limited to only criminal justice titles these will not be of any help.

 From my conversations with librarians with union listing experience, I assume
that it will be necessary to go to an outside vendor. I would appreciate any in
formation or suggestions from anyone who has worked on union lists, particularl
y for geographically-separated libraries.


Dolores Grande
John Jay College Library
899 Tenth Ave.
New York, N.Y.  10019
212-237-8221 (fax)