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ALCTS Serials institute Anne E. McKee 26 Jul 1991 01:59 UTC

 Has anyone else received the notice concerning the ALCTS Institute on Serials
 Management that will be held in October? From the announcement sent out over
 e-mail-it sure has the same look as a NASIG conference (even down to the
 rather enlightened participants of "publishing, scholarly, vendor and library
 communities.") Attendees "will gain an understanding of the components and
 dynamics of the serials industry, share experiences, and develop strategies
 for managing the present serials environment." Can anyone explain the
 differences to me between this institute and a NASIG meeting (other than the
 obvious sponsoring bodies?) I'm not playing devil's advocate but am truly
 wondering! Thanks

 Anne E. McKee   Bibliographic Services Librarian  ASU-West
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