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Revised instructions for subscribing to the ALCTS Network News (AN2) Arnold Hirshon, Director, Wright State Univ. Lib. 26 Jul 1991 13:43 UTC

TO: IN%"'SERIALST: SERIALS in libraries - A user discussion group' <SERIALST

It has come to our attention that the instructions for accessing the ALCTS
Network News (AN2) that appeared in a message on 14 May 91 may be causing
some difficulties for those people who want to subscribe.  The instructions
said that you should send your request to:


The prefix NET% is actually used by only some computer systems.  For example,
that prefix is used in some VAX-based systems, but not others.  The instruction
   should have indicated that you should use the normal method
for your system to send a message to:


The message you send should be

        SUBSCRIBE ALCTS [your name]

I hope this clears up any confusion.  If you have further questions,
please contact the ALCTS Offices (Alex Bloss, Bitnet address: u47209@uicvm).

-- Arnold Hirshon, President, ALCTS and
      University Librarian, Wright State University