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(no subject) James Mouw 22 Aug 1991 17:12 UTC

Well, I guess I need to apologize to those of you who have taken exception to
my posting regarding information anyone might have had from those members of
our profession who were in Moscow for IFLA.  (definition:  IFLA=The
International Federation of Library Agencies (or is it Associations?))
Please remember that I posted early in the week when news was slim at best
and no one knew what was happening.  The complaints seem to be:

1.  The posting was inappropriate for this group.  True, it was out of scope
but certainly the best way to quickly reach a wide group of librarians who
might have had news.  Turned out some of them had.  The use seemed justified
to me.

2.  I should read the newspaper or look in the Soviet discussion groups.  I
wasn't interested in GENERAL news.  I wanted to know about OUR FRIENDS, and
thought that this would good way to connect people who had talked to someone.
 Turned out I was right.

3.  I didn't define IFLA.  Sorry, I assumed that to librarians IFLA was just
about as well know as ALA (definition:  ALA=The American Library
Association).  I guess I was wrong.

I apologize again to those of you who felt your time and band-width was

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