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IFLA and wasted bandwidth HUESMANN@UWLAX.BITNET 22 Aug 1991 20:30 UTC

I agree with Dan Marmion - James Mouw's use of the library listservers (at
least Serialst - I don't recall it being echoed across all library list-
servers as some messages are) was very appropriate.  Alternative communication
networks and informal information flows have been way out ahead of news
services in several instances - remember the role faxes played in the student's
revolt in China?  During this year's earthquake in Costa Rica, the fastest
(and most accurate) means of news about that crisis came to me from a list-
server.  Considering the use of abbreviations in communications - One of the
definitions of a profession is a common body of language/knowledge, which
everyone in the profession is supposed to know.  Considering the breadth of
initialisms used in this field of endeavour, it is not uncommon to come
across one that I don't know.  However, there is a small group (ALA, OCLC,
AACR, LC, etc.) which should not need to be spelled out each time they are
used *within the profession*.  I consider IFLA to be one of those, and
certainly consider Serialst to be within the profession!

James Huesmann
Serials Librarian
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse