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Serials ordering Anne E. McKee 27 Aug 1991 22:00 UTC

 I have been reading all the msgs with interest and frankly couldn't bite my
 tongue anymore-I have worked at academic libraries where the faculty have had
 sole responsibility for collection development & the librarians appeared to be
 simply "ordering clerks." While I agree that faculty input is essential,
 librarians are the ones specifically trained in collection development and in
 "balancing" a collection rather than just representing one view point or
 research interest. I am extremely fortunate to be presently employed in a
 library where the selectors have final authority for the collection
 (soliciting input from their departments however!) I would personally dislike
 taking what I perceive to be a BIG step backward for librarianship and allow
 the faculty to "call the shots!" on the library's collection.

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