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Re: Re: Serials Ordering Bill Drew -- Serials Librarian 29 Aug 1991 20:44 UTC

I have been sitting back and watching this discussion for a while.
I can't keep quiet any longer.  Librarians MUST do the final
selection of books and serials or we might as well close the
library.  Classroom faculty (librarians are as much faculty as
classroom instructors) should make suggestions and build strong
cases for their favorites.  I select serials here and they are
examined under the following criteria or I won't even consider them
for purchase:

1. Demonstrated need. (This is THE most important.)
2. Listed in indexes owned by library or contains own index. (This
may be overlooked depending on #1 above.)
3. Subject area not adequately covered by another journal in
4. Patrons use present periodical holdings in this subject area.
(based on serials use surveys done periodicly.)
5. Number of interlibrary loan requests by our patrons for this
6. Favorable reviews in library literature.
7. Free copy available for preview. (Will not pay for preview copy.
If publisher wants us to subscribe let him send us a sample.)
8. Popular title.
9. Cost.
10. Avaibility through our vendor. (We try not to order direct

The tclassroom faculty cannot make educated decisions based on the
items above.  That is my PROFESSION and my livelyhood.

Wilfred Drew (call me "BILL")
Serials/Reference/Computers Librarian
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