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Re: summer south Susan Davis 03 Dec 1991 18:03 UTC

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On Tue, 3 Dec 1991 09:24:58 EST <TSANDERS@AUDUCVAX> said:
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>I probably should know the answer to this, but this has been a rough few
>weeks so I thought I would turn to the Aussie-philes on the list:
>We've just received issue no.21 of New Literatures Review from the University
>of Wollongong.  Becuase we were so far behind I was helping check in and
>noticed that it is dated: summer south,1991.
>What exactly is "summer south" (=winter north?) and how is it recorded in
>MFHL?  Thanks for the help.
***I suspect it may have to do with the seasons being reversed in the
Southern Hemisphere.  So perhaps their intention is to alert we
northerners that summer in the south is winter to us.  As far as MFHL is
concerned, I would say that once it's bound you won't have to worry if you
are compressing holdings, and for the current issue statement, the standard
seems to indicate that you use what's on the piece.  SO I'd say
no.21 (1991:Summer South)  (we decided to cap all seasons).
Susan Davis
Head, Periodicals/University at Buffalo