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Re: Usenet, Listserv, and E-Journals: Pt. 1 Bill Drew -- Serials Librarian 09 Dec 1991 16:32 UTC

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Here is why I cannot recommend USENET for our library when we start
distributing e-journals.  It REQUIRES the cooperation of computer
centers on campus.  I understand that it takes a lot of overhead
and disk space.  Our computer center would never agree to it.  It
is clumsy and hard to use.  The comands on the news readers I have
tried have nothing in common with other programs that I use on a
daily basis.  The commands are entirely different from mail
commands.  It is practically impossible to make head or tails of
the newsgroup names.

I personnally prefer BITNET listservers because it uses the e-mail
for distribution.  This does not require the cooperation of
computer centers.  I can subscribe directly to e-journals and then
send them to interested library patrons through e-mail, paper, or
on floppy disks.  I could, therefore, better justify the time and or
money spent on e-journals.

If a better interface and structure is developed for USENET I would
not be opposed to its use as an additional alternative to

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