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What IS Usenet?? BMACLENN@UVMVM.BITNET 09 Dec 1991 21:35 UTC

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Date:         Mon, 9 Dec 1991 13:28:17 CST
From:         "Mary E. Helms --UNMCVM(MHELMS)" <MHELMS@UNMCVM.BITNET>

Let's back up here.  How does one access Usenet?  Can you use it if
you are on bitnet or internet?  I am confused.  Help!
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Date:     Mon,  9 Dec 91 14:08 CDT
From:     <LIDDP@TTACS>

I received your repostings on Usenet statistics, along with this afternoon's
replies, and they were quite interesting.  However, though I've been able to
find general information on Bitnet and Internet resources, I've found nothing
of the kind for the Usenet.  Does any know a source for general documenton the
following:      1. What is Usenet?
                2. What discussion lists exist on the Usenet?
                3. How do I subscribe to Usenet discussion lists?
I would certainly appreciate any information on this subject.

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